Cartridge: 12ga
Tube capacity: 5 Rounds + 1 chambered.

CCS Damage:
~ Normal Slug: 5.5% (2% LIFE/3.5% MELE)
~ Normal Buckshot: 9 Pellets, +25MELE per pellet
~ Explosive(FRAG-12): 6% Impact and +3% within 10m
~ ~ Tube can only hold 4 rounds + 1 chambered
~ Rubber Buckshot: 9 Pellets, 15 Stamina drain each
~ Rubber Slug: 4% stamina drain
~ Dragons Breath: Impact: 5.5% (2% LIFE/3.5% MELE); Flames: 3% LIFE, 2% STAMINA on contact, then 2% LIFE, 1% STAMINE every 3 seconds for 9 seconds
~~Tube can only hold 4 rounds + 1 chambered

VICE Damage:

~VICE Buckshot: 4 SCG pellets
~VICE FRAG-12: 1 CMB explosive round, 10 second reload. Only 1 round in chamber
~VICE Dragons Breath: Flames burn for 3 seconds, then CMB explosive damage

[--Command Basics--]
By default, the weapon listens to both normal chat and channel 5. To give a command, either say the command normally in chat, or put '/5' before it for silent control.
For example, to change to damage bullets you can say either "db" or "/5db" without quotes.

The normal chat listen can be changed to a different channel, say "gunchannel X" into chat. Replace X with the desired channel, the weapon will always listen to channel 5.
To return to listening on normal chat, say "gunchannel 0".

[--Menu Control--]
The weapon includes a menu system accessable either by touching the weapon or by saying "menu". There is also an included gesture for starting the menu.
The menu lets you control the gun without needing to use chat commands or gestures, however is a bit slower and some adjustments that have a range of options are limited.
Menu buttons adjust to current weapon settings, so for instance in the FireMode submenu it will either show a "Limited" or "Unlimited" button to switch to that mode.
Any button label can be said in chat, allowing you to go directly to a submenu.

There are a few presets in the weapon for quickly adjusting the settings to certain sims. Presets disable special effects then load the appropriate ammo type.
Most presets have a bullet command in their name showing what situation they are made for. "MILmode" sets the weapon for military combat, using standard damage ammo and limited mode.
See the dialog system Preset submenu for full list of presets available.

[--Drawing, Slinging & Safety--]
There are two versions packaged with this weapon: Slingable and Normal.
If you are using the Slingable version, you may also wear the On Back weapon, which will rez a model of the weapon on your back for aethetics.

Note that there are two sets of guns, the ones labelled "VICE" is intended to be used only with the VICE Vehicle and Infantry Combat Environment, and the other (regular) set should be used for all other purposes. The On Back model will work with either Slingable version.

If you are using the Slingable version:
Type "draw" or "unsling" into chat to draw the weapon.
Type "sling" into chat to sling the weapon.
You can also touch the On Back model to toggle draw/sling.

If you are using the Normal version:
Type "unsafe" into chat to activate the weapon.
Type "safe" into chat to deactivate the weapon.

To fire the weapon, draw it or unsafe it, then enter mouselook by pressing M, or pressing the Mouselook button at the bottom of your screen. Press the left mouse button to fire the weapon using the currently selected ammunition type.
To exit Mouselook, press Esc.

Before firing the VICE guns, you will have to give the command "vice on" to activate the VICE system. You will see green hovertext above the gun displaying your status. The system will automatically disable when slung/safed or when the gun is reset. You can also de-activated the VICE system by saying "vice off" in chat.

[--Area of Effect--]
The normal Explosive Slug has an adjustable Area of Effect (AoE). You can set the radius (center point to edge) between 2.5 and 10.0 meters.
Say "aoe XX" where XX is the range you want to use.

After the weapon has exhausted its ammunition, you will need to reload.
To reload the weapon manually, type "reload" into chat. You may also use the provided reload gesture for quick reloading.
You may also disable the need to reload by saying "unlimited" into chat. To enable reloading again, say "limited" into chat.
Note: Unlimited mode is not available with CCS ammo or in the VICE version.

When reloading, your avatar will grab multiple shells at once when possible, reducing the time it takes to reload. Reloading can be also interrupted by pressing the mousebutton while in mouselook.

When using the VICE FRAG-12 or VICE Dragons Breath rounds, there is an automatic 10-second wait while preparing the next round. Your avatar will cock the shotgun, and a message will appear telling you when the explosive round is ready again.

[--Stances and Animations--]
There are a few different animations that can be played depending on your preference.
To hold the weapon one handed, say "onehand".
To use both hands to hold the weapon, say "twohand".
When one handed, the weapon can be held up high or down low. Say either "animhigh" or "animlow".
Note: One handed mode uses a one handed pumping action. While it looks awesome it also takes longer.

If the one handed pump makes the weapon stick into your body, you can try the large anim style.
To use the large one handed pump animation, say "animlarge".
to use the small one handed pump animation, say "animsmall".

To use a tactical style hold, say "animtactical". Tactical anim set is only two handed and ignores all other settings.
Say "animnormal" to return to the one or two handed style.

While using the Normal anim sets you can optionally turn off the idle breathing. Say "breathingoff" in chat.
To turn breathing back on, say "breathingon" in chat.

The avatar legs are normally animated in a combat ready stance, but can be turned off.
To use the leg animation, say "legson".
To not use the leg animation, say "legsoff".

[--Spread Adjusting--]
The spread of the buckshot ammunition types can be adjusted between 3 and 6 degrees, whole numbers only. To adjust the spread, say "spread X" in chat, replace X with a number from 3 to 6.
Spread adjustment has no effect on slug ammunition types.
CCS Slug ammo has a slight accuracy error cone.

[--Shell Ejection--]
You may toggle whether the weapon will eject shell casings when fired.
To disable shell ejection, say "shelloff" in chat.
To enable shell ejection, say "shellon" in chat.

The weapon has particle effects such as explosion effects and bloodspray that may be toggled on some ammo.
To disable particles, say "partsoff" in chat.
To enable particles, say "partson" in chat.

The weapon's barrel can emit a flash when fired for aesthetic effect.
To enable muzzleflash, say "flashon" in chat.
To disable muzzleflash, say "flashoff" in chat.

You may disable the barrel smoke that occurs for a few seconds after shooting, incase it gets in your way in mouselook.
To turn the barrel smoke off, say "smokeoff" in chat.
To turn it back on, say "smokeon" in chat.

Upon each shot fired, the weapon will play a brief recoil animation.
To turn off recoil, say "recoiloff" in chat.
To turn on recoil, say "recoilon" in chat.

The weapon will send you private messages when a mode is changed or an action taken.
Certain messages will not be disabled, such as attempting to change a setting when not available or out of range.
To turn off verbosity, say "verboseoff" in chat.
To turn on verbosity, say "verboseon" in chat.

[--External Mode Display--]
Some of the important gun settings are displayed in the gun's Description field, allowing others to see current bullet set, unlimited mode, shell ejection toggle, particle effect toggle. This is mainly for combat sim managers to make sure people are using proper settings.

[--Mode Checking--]
You can check the various settings of the weapon, such as loaded ammunition and attachments.
To check the basic weapon statistics, say "mode" in chat.
To check the extra settings, say "modeextra" in chat.

This package includes two special guns labelled with "(VICE)" in their name. These are designed for use with the VICE Vehicle and Infantry Combat Environment. As mentioned above, some features of the regular guns are not available with the VICE system. The VICE guns do have several special settings for use with this combat system.

Once you have drawn a gun, type "vice on" in local chat or on channel 5 to activate the VICE system. Typing "vice off" will turn it off. Holstering the gun will also de-activate the system. Because switching guns will reset the combat meter, it is recommended that you choose which gun to use before engaging in combat. Some combat sims may have special rules about switching guns during combat.

To join a VICE team, type "viceteam x" where x is a number between 1-4. Typing "viceteam 0" or "viceteam default" will return you to the default "no team" status. Joining a team prevents friendly fire accidents. Some combat sims may have special rules about who must join which team.

You can set a VICE Private Channel, which will cause you to only take and give damage to other people using the same private channel.
To activate a VICE Private Channel, use the command "vicechannel x" where is a passphrase that can be any string of numbers and/or letters. All people wishing to use the same channel MUST enter the same passphrase.
To de-activate the VICE Private Channel and return to the default Public Channel, use the command "vicechannel off"

Should the gun start to act incorrectly, or you just want the gun back to default settings quickly, say "gunreset" in chat to reset all scripts.
Note: If you used the gunchannel command, remember that you can always use channel 5.

All Black Ops weapons come with free updates. When you attach the gun, it will send an update request to the server. It does not matter where in the SL Main Grid you are at.
Your weapon will inform you if it is up to date. If there is a newer version of your weapon it will be sent automatically to you.
Automatic update checks are limited to once per day. You can also manually trigger an update, which is limited to once per hour.
To send a manual update check, say "gunupdate".


**Remember, spelling counts! If you spell the commands wrong, they wont work.**

[--Weapon Operation--]
Draw/Sling: draw OR unsling/sling
Safe/Unsafe safe/unsafe
Hold one handed onehand
Hold two handed twohand
Tactical hold and aim animtactical
Normal standby hold animnormal
One hand hold high animhigh
One hand hold low animlow
Large one hand pump anim animlarge
Small one hand pump anim animsmall
Idle Breathing On/Off breathingon/breathingoff
Leg Animation On/Off legson/legsoff
Reload reload
Unlimited/Limited ammo unlimited/limited
Area of Effect aoe XX
Buckshot Spread spread X
Bullet Velocity bulletvel xx
Bullet Rez Offset bulletrez x.x
Muzzleflash On/Off flashon/flashoff
Shell Ejection On/Off shellon/shelloff
Change Command Channel gunchannel X
Particles On/Off partson/partsoff
Recoil On/Off recoilon/recoiloff
Barrel Smoke On/Off smokeon/smokeoff
Verbosity On/Off verboseon/verboseoff
Check Basic Statistics mode
Check Extra Statistics modeextra
Dialog Menu menu
Manual update check gunupdate

VICE System On/Off vice on/vice off (automatically turns off when holstered)
Set Vice Team vice team x (1-4, or "default" or 0 for default team)
Set Vice Private Channel vicechannel x
Return to VICE Default Channel vicechannel off

[--Weapon Ammunition--]
Damage Rounds - db for Buckshot | ds for Slug
Push Rounds - pb for Buckshot | ps for Slug
Damage Shieldbreaker Rounds - dsb for Buckshot | dss for Slug
Push Shieldbreaker Rounds - psb for Buckshot | pss for Slug
Phantom Damage Rounds - phds for Slug
Phantom Push Rounds - phs for Slug
Explosive Rounds - es for Slug

Dragon's Breath Rounds - fb
Pincushion Rounds - pcs for Slug
PRDefeat Rounds - prds for Slug
Foam Rounds - foamb for Buckshot | foams for Slug
+Change Foam Size - foamsize X.X
Trap Rounds - trapb for Buckshot | traps for Slug
+Remove nearby traps - !release
Training Rounds - trainingb for Buckshot | trainings for Slug
Tracer Rounds - tracerb for Buckshot | tracers for Slug
CCS Rounds - ccsb for Buckshot | ccss for Slug
CCS Explosive - ccses for Slug
CCS Rubber Shot - ccsrb for Buckshot | ccsrs for Slug
CCS Dragons Breath -ccsfb
RPC Rounds - rpcb for Buckshot | rpcs for Slug

VICE Buckshot -shot
VICE Explosive -es
VICE Dragons Breath -fb

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