Marketing and Customer Service

Marlowe 9318263421_82e46b6897_o

Marlowe(Peopleonfire Sporg)  and Avrillia Jewell are the CSR leadership.  They are also the bug and recommendations staff.  If you have problems they can help you out. These two are also GMs in Fiddlers Green, Avrillia is an Estate Manager should you need assistance with CCS or land.


Isha Helltrain (Isha Fireguard): BlackOps CSR, Beta Tester, Brainstormer, and all around Titmonger

Hobbies include anime, prim manhandling, and coercing anyone sporting a pair of proportionally sized pixelated mammaries into a state of undress. Asian by design, She has been on SL for 2 plus years now, and one of the few furries on the team. Has a penchant for sporting weaponry that are logically too large for such a small frame to handle

beyond aeon

Beyond Aeon: Blackops CSR, Beta Tester,  and “Maniac with a gun”, Familiar with VIce and MCE,  with some CCS and BNWCS combat. Kiwi IRL so strange login times for the insomniac shopper needing support.  Hobbies include SL flying (planes, choppers & macaw), SL sailing  and SL shooting at you. ( I also like to disrupt SL smooching with military equipment ).    If you want help, ask me , if I know I’ll help , if not, I’ll make something up !  IRl; Single Computer tech and Part time Dad to a very excitable 7 year old boy who wants to be a robot when he grows up.

stevie shortbus

Stevey Shortbus: CSR and Apprentice Modeler.

Stevey loves guns…knives…guns…more guns…and boobs.  Simply put she can help you find what you need and show you whatever you like.  See her around don’t hesitate to say hi.


<Insert hilarious name here> (Opal Nakamori): Trophy wife and keeper of Stevey Peepants, possibly customer rep

I stand around looking good and being funny. IRL programmer i.e. I have no rl