The Development Team


Grey Blankes- Black Operations LLC CEO and Founder


Grey is the projects lead, marketing lead, build and script developer for Black Ops Combat Outfitters.  Her job is to manage development from start to finish.  She is responsible for better than half the current builds and the vendors.  If you are interested in joining the team or need help, don’t hesitate to IM her in world.  Grey is also a veteran of the U.S. Army, having served seven years, she is a real life Mechanical Design Engineer producing prototype parts for the aftermarket performance automotive industry and doing performance tuning of many makes and models.  She is an avid motorcyclist as well.



Jahar Aabye- CTO and Lead Scripter for BOIA/BOCO


Jahar’s first foray into guns started with SIC (Smilodon Industrial Consortium) in partnership with SubtleSara Oh.   He has since been working for Black Ops.  His skills include LSL and PHP, with a dusting of the necessary components to make complicated things work in and out of SL.  Jahar is a real life martial arts guru, adept in the most important forms… disarming and defense.  He also happens to love guns and lives in the mountains (go figure right?)  Try not to bother him too much, if he’s online, he’s almost always working.



Katryna Jie- Owner of Kat-AR a subsidiary of Black Operations (She makes Melee stuff for CCS all by herself!)

Kat is a do it all, and do it all right jack of trades in SL.  She is the founder of Kat-AR and our resident Australian Neko.  Don’t be embarrassed by the fact she is smarter than all of us, we’re just glad she likes us enough to work here.  Kat has been on extended hiatus while she moved and finished an important portion of her schooling so expect some updates and new stuff soon!



Avrillia Jewell- CQO of Black Ops (Quality is the most important function FYI)

Avi is our QC Neko from Canadia.  She has the toughest job of anyone, telling us we are messing up and making sure we don’t get upset about it.  She finds the bugs we can’t find, and shows us how to reproduce them.  She is the one to go to if you don’t like how we do things, or if you find a bug.  She manages the bug tracker and the beta testing team…which is it’s own job as well.  Avi’s second function is to make sure Grey doesn’t go off the deep end, something she should get free Prozac for. (It’s stressful dealing with Grey every day of the week.)


Marlowe/Jinx or Peopleonfire Sporg- CMO Chief Marketing Officer, weapons researcher.

Peopleonfire, or Fisher as he is sometimes called got his start with guns at a very young age, growing up in the South. He currently works IRL as a SCUBA instructor, and technician, doing jobs for both civilians and as a government contractor. Fisher got his start in SL in October, 2008 during a brief interest in virtual reality, developing a primitive head-tracking device with a webcam and a heavy surplus French Army helmet. He has worked for a number of weapons companies in similar roles.

Rez Profile Pic

Rez Gray (Rez Gray) / Sanvis Trenchcoat: Scriptor,  Undercarriage Inspector,

Rez is a helpdesk technician who likes, but can’t afford guns. He’s an okay scriptor that’s managed to bang out enough working stuff that people think he’s a super genius.  Rez has worked for Black Ops off and on for more than 5 years, he by all consideration an excellent communications scripter.  He is also the owner of ShinyBrand


Eric Boccara- Animator

Eric has worked in the military animations segment for years.  He is a recent addition to Black Ops and his work can be seen in the Kriss Reaver and will soon be responsible for the animations of melee products as well.