How to fight (and win) with a gun in CCS from a Healer’s perspective.

How to fight (and win) with a gun in CCS from a Healer’s perspective.
Helo on the rooftops.

Helo on the rooftops.

Okay, so most of you might be a bit skeptical on gunning in CCS fights, but I’ve been doing it for years and winning fights.

First, it’s not as hard as you think.  I will go over the basics with you and then we will talk tactics, kits and a word on your surroundings.


First thing is first, this is best left to Casters and Healers but to be honest some of my staff are DPS or even Tanks so it’s not as important as I make it out to be, though you will see I carry a distinct advantage. You need to have all your gestures and hotkeys set ahead of time.  I’ll list the relevant skills and each weapon carries it’s own commands, but some of the new stuff should have CLEAN gestured, so you can use it when you get the few seconds break to do so.

Now as of 7/21/13 I am a Level 34 Lycan Shaman, which means I’m a healer.  I’ve lost only a handful of fights in CCS and the only thing I use is guns.  So what follows is one on one fighting against a melee opponent.

So for me the best possible skills at my level are Lifetap-3, Aidself-3,Overdrive-2, Flashbomb and Lacerate.

Now, the procedure is the same for all Melee regardless of brand.  It’s always preferential to open a fight at range but not exactly as much fun as it is to go in with Mp7s, the Kriss or the Mossberg.  Hell I’ve even done this with the crossbow.  Other options for close in play include the M4 and any set of dual wield pistols, the Berettas in particular because of their large magazines.  For this example I will use the Kriss Reaver.

Let’s say the fight starts in chat range, they almost always do, your FIRST skill to use is going to be Overdrive, you will need it for the running and healing.  Try to keep the skill tiers to a minimum since the 6 and 7th tier skills aren’t much good with such a high stam cost and cooldown combination.  Only use 4th and 5th tier skills for gunfighting, since most of your stamina will be used for running.

First rule is, stay between 20-15 meters from your target, it’s called kiting.  It nulls any melee attack and prevents you from being hit by most of the especially hard hitting offensive skills.  Try to time your intervals, you want to remember when they use a skill so you can use that time to get inside your own skill range and effect a lifetap which gives you a window of a Weaken status on your opponent.  Weakened, your only going to have to worry about the Melee weapon’s built in buffs, not the MELE damages.  So you can stay close, let them come to you and gun them down for several seconds, and run when the mag change happens, repeating this can actually get you back 20-40 points of stam from natural regen.  Be careful of items that steal, you don’t want to give anything away, and ALWAYS LEAD YOUR TARGET AWAY FROM CROWDS, they will steal from each other to self heal.

So you have activated overdrive, the gun is out and so is the blade.  They are coming for you, possibly standing there activating their buffs and their own overdrive.  NOW IS THE TIME TO DUMP A MAG OR TWO RIGHT INTO THEIR CHEST.  It’s likely you can knock 40% of their health off in the opening salvo before they ever get close.  As soon as it’s time for the reload you should be running “across” their screen i.e. away and to their left or right, always make them chase you, after all your the one with the ranged weapon.  Your first lifetap skill should come immediately whether you need it or not, DURING your reload.  IF you score a WEAKEN on your target you need to turn into them and use that few seconds of straight shooting to dump at least another mag.  IF they took the bait, now is the time for FLASHBOMB to daze them.  IF it works go for another mag or even two, and the fight should be over right then and there.  Most likely the first FLASHBOMB won’t work, and don’t try another when it’s available, it’s too precious to use lifetaps.  If your sol and it doesn’t work, kite them again, chances are you will have taken 10-20% damage so now’s the time for a AidSelf-4.   ALWAYS RUN, never ever walk, never stand still until your stamina is gone.   Repeat Lifetaps, Mag dumps and AidSelfs until your about 30% stamina.  If the fight still rages you are going to have to change your tactics.  Sometimes this means lateral chasing, where you run right past your opponent over and over and force them into turning back and forth, always keep your crosshairs on them, but Melee has to physical turn around to hit you, an advantage for sure.

The Lifetap is purely for the weaken, it’s like cutting Melee off at the knees, you can turn 300DPS into 30 just like that.  Another thing that running does is force your opponent to use stamina not just for their blade but chasing, leeching it off even faster.  And like I said, if they are using a weapon that steals you have to stay away from it, just take pot shots and try to stay at least 20 meters away until you can use Lifetaps.

Part of gunfighting is knowing your environment and the people around you.  Know what your up against.  TCR and Varen, even Messer all use Steals in one form or another.  So it’s best you lead your opponent away from people they can steal from, including yourself.  Melee is always at a disadvantage when coming around corners and running straight towards you, don’t be afraid to run backwards.  Under no circumstances should you waste your offensive skills on anything but lifetap and Flashbomb, Radshot is not worth the cool down.  And beware your gun, if you get a free moment, and the gun is so equipped, clean it, reload it, care for it.  Take advantage of spontaneous lag, just because they can’t hit you doesn’t mean you can’t return the favor, our stuff is coded different.  Another tactic is called spearing.  You get within just a few meters of your target and run across their screen over and over like your walking the points of a 5 pointed star.  All the while your shooting.  Melee cannot hit what it is not facing giving you every advantage.  Just realize your in both skills and steals range, this is something you would do on a target that has proven difficult to hit.

Unless your supporting a fight or starting from an advantaged position don’t bother with stamina drains.  Likewise, one of the best ways to force your hand is to take their stamina, it’s a risk, but if you think your healing is savvy enough to absorb one good string of blows, go for it.  You can always bail if it’s looking like it will turn bad.  Other specialty ammos with DoT effects or high damage low rate of fire are more designed for use when your NOT the primary aggressor.  Sometimes you can open the fight with these rounds and then jump to the common rounds for the remainder, that’s really personal preference.


Watch your own cooldowns, save your healing if you can it’s the highest stamina cost skills anways, use lifetap.

Try NOT to get close enough for a steal but IF you do, you can still SPEAR them until they realize it’s adversely affecting their health and run from you.

Vary your distances, try not to go outside 25 meters, but not inside 15, use non combative periods to help yourself gauges those distances by eye.

ALWAYS SHOOT UNDER THE TAG.  AOs and even melee weapons offset the user so much your shooting a ghost, always shoot a meter or so off the hard deck under the tag, that’s why it’s good to stay close enough to see it.

Did they call for support? Keep an eye on where everyone is coming from and take the action further and further away, they’ll use up stamina JUST to get to you.  Don’t lose focus, chances are you can down the first one and run far enough away to catch your breath before the next fight.  Switch to walk if you can get away with it, if not, assume you won’t have the luxury of alot of stam for the next fight.

Two guns are always better than one.  Beware your buddy, bullets don’t differentiate what side they are on.  If you guys are well coordinated, one of you should be kiting while the other is spearing and switching off when health becomes an issue for the spear.


Have any comments, let me know 😉

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